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Through The Years.

The audience at one of our Bewley's Debates in Febriar

The audience at one of our Bewley’s Debates about Corruption and Aid in 2006.

 Over the years Comhlamh has had a major impact on a very wide range of activities.

Some examples include:

  • Promoting responsible, responsive international volunteering through the development of a Code of Good Practice for Volunteer Sending Organisations. 38 volunteer sending organisations have signed up to the Code and an external external auditing process was developed to monitor implementation of the Code by signatory organisations.
  • Continuing to be the voice of development workers feeding into the Joint Oireachtas Committee on Social and Family Affairs to ensure that the social welfare rights of development workers are fully protected
  • Providing valuable, high quality support services to an increasing number of recently returned development workers and volunteers each year, which have assisted many individuals to overcome the challenges of resettling home and supported continued engagement with development issues in Ireland.


An image from our Coming Home Weekend, 20-21 Oct 2012.

An image from our Coming Home Weekend, 20-21 Oct 2012.

    • Acting as an important focal point for overseas development workers, volunteers and activists by providing opportunities and avenues for networking and staying engaged with development issues and action for global justice in Ireland
    • Holding workshops on issues including Trade Justice, Climate Change and its impact on developing countries, Overseas Development Aid, and Campaign planning
  • Supporting global justice activists’ education, campaigning and policy work through the successful development of the Bloom Alliance with the DDCI, LASC and the Africa Centre
  • Supporting people to discuss issues related to development with their TDs and MEPs, such as trade justice, the aid budget and climate change and ensuring that 6 out of 12 Irish MEPs are committed to speak out on trade justice
  • Producing resources to support teachers to tackle diversity and global issues with their students – including our Diversity through the Arts resource
  • Supporting teachers and their students to use images responsibly by producing Images of the Global South booklet
  • Producing Ireland’s leading magazine on global issues, Focus Action for Global Justice, with over 90 issues
  • Produced 31 issues of the INDEX newsletter for the Irish Development Education sector to support critically reflection, discussion and sharing within the sector 2004 – 2012
  • Initiating the very popular and engaging public forum on development topics,’The First Wednesday Debates’ at Bewleys Cafe Theatre in Dublin
  • Seeing two of its activist groups develop into fully-fledged independent organisations: Banulacht and Integrating Ireland (now Integration Centre)
  • Starting the first fair-trade coffee and tea imports and sales
  • Standing a candidate for the Senate
  • Campaigning on mercury soap, apartheid, debt, trade, pharmaceutical multinationals, images on development, the EU Common Agricultural Policy, asylum rights and more;


The next chapter of Comhlamh’s history is over to you!

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