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Nahid Dabiri, Volunteer Missionary Movement, Uganda

Picture taken by Kate

There are places in the world that remind us of Ireland; western Uganda is one of those and is located in the southern hemisphere. The capital, Kampala, is approximately 6800 km from Dublin. If you do not consider the picturesque Mountains of the Moon and the lush tropical vegetation, the rains and the green meadows bring to mind the Irish countryside. I have always

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Etienne Corish, EVS, Germany

Etienne Volunteer Germany.Picture not taken by Kate

“Have you heard of the European Voluntary Service?” asked Ita, my aunt, during the second last week of August. I hadn’t. Just after my Leaving Cert, I could not make up my mind what to do. Theoretical physics? Engineering? In France? In Ireland? As well as having to choose which course to study, it was also a choice of which country to live in, my

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Siobhan Hughes, EIL, South Africa

Siobhan's portatit taken by a Friend

I have always had an interest in international development. My interest ignited in 2006 when I travelled to India with the Hope Foundation to see what their work entailed. When I completed my Leaving Certificate in 2008, I knew that development was my passion and so I began studying International Development and Food Policy in University College Cork. This four year degree took me

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Laura Abecasis, EIL, India

Photo by Laura

On the Rocky Road to India. I haven’t always had the best ideas in my life, but I have to say this one was a good one! Volunteering in India. Volunteering, where I come from (France), is not very popular. I had lived in Ireland for 2 years (a dream of mine) and knew I would be happy to stay. However I had another

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Elaine Doyle, EIL, Guatemala

Elaine's Portait

I was granted the EIL Global Awareness Program (GAP) award for 2013 to travel to Guatemala for eight weeks to work on sustainable development projects. My programme consisted of one week of Spanish and environmental classes based near the beautiful cobblestoned city of Antigua, six weeks living in the chilly highlands working in a locally run forest park and one week in the sweltering

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Niamh Kelly, Coral Cay Conservation, Philippines.

Niamh's Photo Taken by Kate

My most recent volunteering experience was in the Philippines working as an Education Officer for a coral reef conservation group. My role was to enhance people’s awareness of the incredible diversity of the coral reefs in their marine environment and to teach them the importance of conservation. At university I specialised in Zoology and Conservation and my interest in wildlife has also led me

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Jessica Grene, Bruce, Peru.

My motivation for volunteering in Peru wasn’t just about helping people. I wanted to travel; I wanted to see South America.  I got a list of volunteer organisations based in Latin America. Because I spoke Spanish and had a teaching qualification, it was easy to find a placement. I worked with Bruce Peru, an organisation working to get children in Peru into education, first

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Anne Deigan – Quaker Peace and Social Witness, Palestine

Anne Deigan

I first visited the West Bank in 2008 and although I had read quite a bit about the political situation there, I was shocked by what I saw. Coming from a place of conflict, (NI) I had a preconceived notion of what life might be like there, that I would see similarities to what life was like here in 2008. We had common themes,

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Fiona Craven, VSO, Guyana 2011 saw me do something I’d always dreamed about. I said goodbye to my familiar life in Ireland and headed off to volunteer in Guyana in South America. Situated in the North East of South America, Guyana is unique for being the only English-speaking country on this vast continent. Its rich Caribbean history makes for a vibrant culture in the villages

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Sara McMurry, EIL, India

Sarah McMurry

On a trip to Rajasthan as a tourist shortly after I retired I fell in love with India, its vivid colours and teeming life. I wanted to go back, not as a tourist to the cities, but to live for a while among people in the countryside. My chance came when I heard about EIL, a not-for-profit organisation based in Cork. They offered placements

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