Volunteering Overseas: Where Do I Start?

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This one day participatory course offers people who are thinking of going to the global south the opportunity to explore key issues in depth, including the questions to ask both themselves and volunteer sending agencies before making any decisions.

There are inputs from returned volunteers about their experiences, and an overview of the types of placements that are available.

When: 9: 45 am -4:00 pm Saturday, April 11th, 2015.

Where: Comhlámh, Freire Room,12 Parliament Street, Dublin 2



€30 non-member

€1 asylum seeker

(lunch, tea and coffee included)

Bookings: Email susan@comhlamh.org or call (01) 4783490

Here’s what previous participants said:

“Very useful, informative and the leader was very friendly and approachable.”
“I am more interested in becoming a development worker than a volunteer but realise than volunteering is a step in the right direction.”
“I had already done a lot of research and was aware of some of the issues but great to have them consolidated and deal with them.”
“Learned a lot on short term volunteering which has inspired me more to look into this. ”
“Feel more prepared, more capable of making an informed decision. Know where to look for organisations and what to look for.”






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