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The Trade Justice Group is a group of members and supporters who raise awareness and take action on unfair trade rules and their impact on some of the poorest countries in the world.

We meet twice a month on a Tuesday in the members room in the Comhlámh offices.


Every second Tuesday, Comhlámh Members Room. 

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This one day participatory course offers people who are thinking of going to the global south the opportunity to explore key issues in depth, including the questions to ask both themselves and volunteer sending agencies before making any decisions.

There are inputs from returned volunteers about their experiences, and an overview of the types of placements that are available.

9: 45 am -4:00 pm Saturday, April 11th, 2015.

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As we move into the spring season, we are getting ready our next Coming Home Weekend.

These weekends take place twice a year and are a space for anyone who has returned home from working or volunteering overseas for 3 months or more in a development, humanitarian or missionary capacity.

The next course will take place on 16th and 17th of May 2015

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A peer led group meeting every 2 weeks in the Comhlámh offices – for anyone who has lived or worked overseas and would like to join a group of people with similar experiences to write together.

We meet every second Tuesday and every week a different member of the group facilitates the session by bringing along two or three prompts that generate short writing sessions.

 The group meets every two weeks. 

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‘The Not For Profit Sector, Donors and the Demobilisation Of Dissent’ is the topic up for discussion at the last of this season’s #FirstWeds events.

Comhlámh wants to open a space to critically reflect on the role of the not-for-profit sector in effectively challenging the political agenda and engaging with grassroots activism. Join us for what will surely be a lively discussion.

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Linking in with the existing ‘ten x 9’ monthly storytelling events, the Comhlámh group have organised their own storytelling event, bringing together stories with a global justice and international dimension.

The theme of the event is ‘JOURNEY’ – come along to the Green Room in Black Box on May 11th at 19:30 to hear how the storytellers interpret this theme!

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A BYOC (bring your own clothes) event in Cork city centre – a chance to recycle pre loved clothes and fall in love with some ‘new to you’ items of clothing.

The event takes place on May 27th and will be a chance to learn about alternatives to consumerism and creative ways to live more sustainably.

€5 entry fee

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