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An EU wide alliance of 50 civil society organisations is taking part in the Alternative Trade Mandate pledge campaign.

In Ireland, Comhlámh is taking the lead on this campaign in the run up to the European elections in May.  The campaign is calling on European Parliament election candidates to make EU trade policy serve people and the planet.

The current EU trade policy is a recipe for disaster for people around the world. The EU is leading an aggressive agenda to open markets for global agri-business. This is wiping out small farmers and is a major cause of hunger. We need to break away from this corporate driven agenda.

MEP candidates are being asked to support measures that enable people to control their own local food systems as well as core labour standards and human rights’ assessments of EU trade policy. Candidates are also being asked to call on the European Commission to immediately publish all texts from trade and investment negotiations with third countries such as, for example, the United States.

EU trade deals are negotiated behind closed doors in the interests of a few rich corporations. People who are affected by these deals, both in the EU and abroad, are not consulted. We need MEPs to stand up for an open and democratic EU trade policy-making process which is controlled by the people of Europe and their elected representatives, rather than technocrats and corporate lobby groups


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