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Avoiding The Pitfalls Of Voluntourism.

Pictured above: Comhlámh launched #VolOps at last year’s Irish Aid Fair as a means to find suitable volunteering positions. Travel writer Manchán Magan joined George Hook on his regular Tuesday Travel Slot (20 January, 2015) for a lively discussion on overseas volunteering – just the topic to beat the January blues.  Hilary Minch is our Information and Support Officer and blogged this response to

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How Do We Tackle The Problems of Orphanage Tourism?

Shannette Budhai, Volunteering Quality Project Officer at Comhlámh recently returned from a trip in London organised by Save the Children. It was an honour and a privilege to be invited as a panellist and also as a participant to the ‘Better Volunteering, Better Care’ workshop. The workshop itself aimed to tackle the growing problem of ‘orphanage volunteering’. There have been a series of media

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We Just Met Several Start Up Volunteer Sending Agencies.

Shannette Budhai, Volunteering Quality Project Officer at Comhlámh reflects on yesterday’s meeting with several start-up volunteer sending agencies (VSAs). There was no need for introductions. The group—small but eager—organically formed and began talking amongst themselves, even before I set foot inside the room. As I made coffee and tea in our kitchenette, my attention was drawn towards the excited chatter in the room. There

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