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Under the Blood Red Earth of Rubiales.

Comhlámh member John O’Shea took part in a convoy to investigate attacks on trade unionists in Colombia and filed this report. Beneath the picturesque landscape of the Rubiales fields, located southwards, down a dirt road from the town of Puerto Gaitan – Colombia, lies an abundance of oil under the crimson soil of a region torn apart by corruption, violence, and environmental degradation. On

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How Argentinian Workers Reclaimed Their Companies.

  Photo: Matías Polako on Flickr. A closed factory in Argentina. Way back in Focus81, Noelia Carrazana and Fionuala Cregan explored how Argentinians reclaimed their companies after economic collapse. Imagine working in a company without a boss or any kind of management structure, where decisions are made collectively. Imagine that it is you, along with your co-workers that took possession of that company, threatened with

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