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Tearing up the Earth

Pictured here: People who attended Comhlámh’s “Tearing Up The Earth – Film Showing of ‘Open Pit” event earlier this month.  Maria McCloskey, a member of the Comhlámh Belfast group, writes about the recent film showing and campaign meeting that took place in Belfast. On Thursday 4th February 2016 a small group of concerned, or at least curious, individuals gathered in a room in Belfast

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#Focus97 Is Back From Print.

Focus Magazine is Ireland’s leading magazine on global development issues and is produced and edited by one of our Comhlámh member groups, it reflects the range of interests and hot topics being discussed by our members. The latest edition just arrived back form the printers. Here’s a list of the range of content covered: A photographer shares her experiences of using her art form

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Rossport Residents Reflect On Resistance To The Corrib Project.

  Comhlamh is delighted to be hosting an exhibition of photos and statements looking at experiences challenging the Corrib Gas project in Co Mayo. It’s taking place on Friday 30th January 2015,7pm, in the Comhlamh offices at 12 Parliament St. Full details are available on Facebook. After 14 years of challenging the oil and gas industry in north Mayo, what knowledge does the community

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Mark Cumming Looks Back At The Year Just Gone And What’s Ahead For 2015.

Infographic: Click for full scale version or download here. How do you review a year? One way is to look through the ‘numbers’ and the attached info-graphic highlights some of the vibe off Comhlámh in the last year. While numbers give one insight, it’s not the full story. Mark Cumming, the head of Comhlámh looks back and talks about the year ahead. Another way would

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Belfast Is Moving Along.

Inspired and invigorated by the first official meeting of the Comhlamh Northern Ireland Action Group on Saturday Helen Henderson penned a few words a bout what went down. Individuals from all walks of life and corners of the world gathered together in a space that was free from organisational or political agendas to speak out and act on issues of injustice locally and globally. Issues

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We’ve Reorganised The Reference Library In The Marius Schoon Members’ Room.

Fulya Ozkul, who has experience in large books shops in Canada and Belgium, guided the re-organisation of our library. Work began in April 2014 in the new Marius Schoon Members Room to organise and begin to archive almost thirty nine years of Comhlamh’s many resources and publications in advance of the May 1st Open House night. Siobhan O’Brien Green reports on the progress to date.

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Amy Anderson Talks About What Comhlámh Means To Her.

Amy Anderson, Comhlámh member, talks about Comhlámh and the role it has played in her life to date, and why she has joined our solidarity circle Comhlámh has played a formative role in the last few years of my life.  The organisation has held my hand and inspired me on the road to activism, critical thinking on international relations and a new career and

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Adrienne Boyle Talks About Refugee Solidarity.

Coming back from working in Africa in the 1990’s, Adrienne Boyle was horrified by the way refugees were being greeted in Ireland. They met with media hysteria, fear and racism. So, rather than just sit on the margins, she and other Comhlamh members got stuck into refugee solidarity work. In this video she describes how: What was wonderful about Comhlámh was that there was a

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Highlights From The Past Few Months.

You’ve heard us bang on a lot about how we are going back to our roots and getting more members involved in the organisation. Here’s a photo gallery that captures just how hectic things have been in Comhlamh over the past twelve months. We’ve ran the gamut of debates, pickets, workshops and exhibitions. Can you spot yourself?

Justin Kilcullen Goes For The Senate.

Many years before he was the head of Trocaire, Justin Kilcullen spent two years working in Tanzania. When he came home, none of his friends could relate to his life changing experience. In this video he told us how: Comhlamh was somewhere I could meet like-minded people who had similar experiences and together that we could begin to do something to help continue the

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