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#Passion4Solidarity: Alex

Welcome to our new series of video resources tailored for people working in the health and education sectors thinking about volunteering overseas.   Alex  works with the Ecumenical Accompaniment Programme in Palestine and Israel (EAPPI).  He speaks about the role that volunteers play on providing practical solidarity with local children in the West Bank as well as being able to provide eye witness testimony

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We Just Met Several Start Up Volunteer Sending Agencies.

Shannette Budhai, Volunteering Quality Project Officer at Comhlámh reflects on yesterday’s meeting with several start-up volunteer sending agencies (VSAs). There was no need for introductions. The group—small but eager—organically formed and began talking amongst themselves, even before I set foot inside the room. As I made coffee and tea in our kitchenette, my attention was drawn towards the excited chatter in the room. There

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