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Civil Society, the Environment and Human Rights in Colombia.

In #Focus95 John O’Shea took a look at the demise of civil society, the environment and human rights in an oil rich region of Colombia. Beneath the picturesque landscape of the Rubiales fields, located southwards, down a dirt road from the town of Puerto Gaitan – Colombia, lies an abundance of oil under the crimson soil of a region torn apart by corruption, violence, and

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Two years After The Nirbhaya Case: Have Things Changed For Women In India?

Picture: Protestors taking part in Valentine’s Day 2013 actions in Delhi. Photo Credit: Anoo Bhuyan The 2012 Delhi gang rape case brought India’s track record on gender to global headlines. In #Focus95, Mark Furlong spoke to Amrita Sastry, Assistant Professor at Delhi University, about gender based violence in India. According to Reuters Foundation, India is the fourth worst country in the world for women. How

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Asylum Seekers Say The System Is Not Working.

Picture: KRAC committee members, Cork, left to right: Lucky Khambule, Hassan Ally, David and Theresa Obi | Photo credit: Paula Geraghty Sive Bresnihan in #Focus95 looks at how asylum seekers are making their voices heard through nationwide protests.  In August of this year, 4 asylum seekers in a remote men’s only hostel outside of Foynes, Co. Limerick went on hunger strike. After years of

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Solidarity at the Shops

Picture: Irish Activists carried out BDS actions in shops like Marks & Spencers in Dublin in July 2014 Photo credits: Ronan Burtenshaw Looking back at #Focus95, Shane O’Connor discusses why it’s time to build the Boycott, Divestment & Sanctions Movement. While the so-called ‘Operation Protective Edge’ was Israel’s 3rd deadly offensive on Gaza since 2008, on this occasion, the deliberate targeting of civilians, and particularly

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Focus 95 Is Out! Want Some To Distribute?

Focus Magazine is Ireland’s leading magazine on global development issues and is produced by a Comhlámh members group. The cover article on BDS reflects the interest in the membership to work on issues to do with the conflict in Israel/OPT; the side panel article picks up on the energy of the Trade group who are speaking on public platforms, writing letters to the papers,

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