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Key Terms In The Trade Debate Explained.

In Focus87 Janet Horner and Deirdre Kelly explain a few of the key terms used in discussions on trade. Civil society: All civic and social organisations and movements that participate in a society, separate from the institutions of a government. Duty-free goods: Goods that are bought or sold between countries with no additional import or export tax. Economic Partnership Agreements (EPAs): Trade Deals being negotiated between European Union countries

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10 Reasons to Shout Louder about Unfair Trade

In Focus87 Deirdre Kelly reminds us of the importance of tackling global trade injustice. Before you finish eating breakfast this morning you’ve depended on more than half the world.’ (Martin Luther King Jr.) The half of the world we depend on to get our breakfast – tea, coffee, orange juice, bananas, sugar – is the poor half. This dependence is not just for breakfast

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