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Did You Know That In Your Pocket Or Within 5 Feet Of You Lie Minerals From The DRC?

Back in 2010 Stephen Kelly looked at how many of us contribute to bloody violence in this piece that featured in Focus85 Hiding behind a crumbling wall of her family home, Fatuma crouches low so as not to be seen by the group of strangers moving past the banana tree she had been playing under only 30 minutes ago. In that time, much has

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The Human Rights Situation In The West Bank

In Focus85 Stephen McCloskey wrote about the human rights situation of Palestinians after a trip to the West Bank In November 2009, an Irish delegation of 22 people visited the West Bank to assess the human rights situation for Palestinians living under occupation. Our programme included meetings with human rights activists and NGOs based in both Palestine and Israel. The recurring issues that surfaced

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