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Mark Cumming Looks Back At The Year Just Gone And What’s Ahead For 2015.

Infographic: Click for full scale version or download here. How do you review a year? One way is to look through the ‘numbers’ and the attached info-graphic highlights some of the vibe off Comhlámh in the last year. While numbers give one insight, it’s not the full story. Mark Cumming, the head of Comhlámh looks back and talks about the year ahead. Another way would

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#FirstWedsDebates: Gender Based Violence and The State: What Are The Lessons From Global Struggles?

This December’s Debate is being held as part of the global campaign to mark the ’16 Days of Action on GBV’. State actors often act with impunity as transgressors of human rights norms and/or often fail to deliver justice against perpetrators of violence, especially when conducted against socially and economically marginalized groups. Bolstered by their powerful positions, State actors use violence and the threat

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The #FirstWedsDebates Return To Look At The TTIP Deal.

Pictured is a protest against TTIP and CETA in Berlin. Foto by Jakob Huber/ECI Stop TTIP! Our #FirstWedsDebates series returns next Wednesday November 5th to look at the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP). Same as last time, the venue is the Twisted Pepper on Abbey St and we’ll be kicking off from 7pm. TTIP will drive renewal in Europe by supporting renewed growth rates of 1.5%

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Highlights From The Past Few Months.

You’ve heard us bang on a lot about how we are going back to our roots and getting more members involved in the organisation. Here’s a photo gallery that captures just how hectic things have been in Comhlamh over the past twelve months. We’ve ran the gamut of debates, pickets, workshops and exhibitions. Can you spot yourself?

Podcast: Do We Need Trade Rather Than Aid?

Here’s a recording of last week’s edition of our regular #FirstWedsDebates in the Twisted Pepper. As part of Fair Trade Fortnight, we delved into the relationship between trade and aid. The proposition we tabled asked “Is the Trade not Aid mantra a smokescreen for greater penetration of northern business into southern economies?” It was a bit of a stellar line up and speakers included:

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#FirstWedsDebates: Israel / Palestine

Peace talks without end or conflict without end?   After 20 years of failed peace talks in the Middle East, the US is brokering a fresh round of talks between Israelis and Palestinians with hopes for a final peace agreement. Are we finally going to experience that long awaited goal of a peace deal? Are leaders on both sides ready for painful compromises? Or

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Documentaries on Palestine/Israel

The conflict between Israel and Palestine has produced countless books, articles and documentaries. Ahead of our #FirstWedsDebates on the topic, here is a selection of some documentaries that explore different facets of the conflict. Peace, Propaganda, and the Promise Land is a documentary about media bias. It provides a comparison of US and international media coverage of the conflict, and how distortions in the

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We’re gearing up for the next round of our #FirstWedsDebates. On February 5th, in our usual venue of the Twisted Pepper – we’ll be asking one of big questions at 7pm. Israel / Palestine : peace talks without end or conflict without end? On the night, we’ll be joined by Caoimhe de Barra who is the Director of Trocaire’s International Division. Yanky Fachler is an Israeli who lives in Ireland. He is involved

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