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A Busy Few Weeks for the EU Aid Volunteer Initiative at Comhlámh

Pictured: The Civic Service Volunteers with some of the Comhlámh and La Guild Staff in Paris.  Perspectives from the newest member of Comhlámh team- Áine Lynch, on being a former EU AID volunteer to now working directly with the EU Aid Volunteer (EUAV) Initiative on supporting standards in volunteering in Humanitarian Action My first insight into the world of humanitarian work came directly after

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EU Aid Volunteers Initiative To Begin Sending Volunteers In 2015.

Pictured: A still from a video to promote the EU Aid Volunteers Initiative. The EU Aid Volunteers initiative is on its way to providing 4000 new opportunities for people to volunteer in humanitarian projects from 2014 to 2020. Dervla King is Comhlámh’s Programme Manager and filed this report from the event. On January 23rd, the European Commission held an info day in Brussels on the

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Success! EU Commission’s EPA Deadline Defeated!

  We did it! Thanks to your action and support, the European Parliament last week voted against the unfair EPA ultimatum and in favour of more time to negotiate fairer trade agreements (September 2012). Over the past weeks many of you wrote to your MEPs asking them to take a stand in favour of trade justice, and prioritise development over European commercial interests. We

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Dáil Committee Hearing on EPAs – April 2012 – Development Concerns Raised

On 4th April the Joint Committee on Foreign Affairs and Trade discussed the Economic Partnership Agreements, free trade agreements which the EU is currently negotiating with African, Caribbean and Pacific countries (ACP). Comhlámh has campaigned for years on these free trade agreements. We are concerned that in their current form they will be bad for development, locking developing countries into being exporters of low value

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Aggressive Free Market Policies Savage Poor

Brussels – March 16th: Campaigners warned today that the European Union’s free market trade policies are savaging poor people and the environment in developing countries staging an action outside a DG Trade conference in Brussels where senior EU figures were discussing the issue of trade with developing countries. The action, organised by the Seattle to Brussels network used a five-metre inflated savage dog, representing

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