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Capacitar: Nourishing individuals at the forefront of social activism.

Grainne O’Neill, Comhlamh’s Volunteer Engagement Officer Reflects on a weekend of Capacitar training. Saturday morning – sitting in a big airy room in All Hallows college, watching the tips of the trees moving outside and faintly hearing the birds chirping away. Day 1 of a year-long Capacitar course, starting as the rest of the weekend would continue, feeling relaxed and curious of what would

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Capacitar and Wellness In Volunteering.

Photo: Capacitar founder Pat Cane at a training session. Source Flickr. One of Mark Cummings mentors was in town this week.  Here he reflects on Pat Cane and Capacitar. A force of nature in her early 70’s and still charging around the world.  Pat cut her teeth in Central America in the bad days of the 1980’s.  She worked with communities affected by the

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