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Do you think things could and should be different? Do you believe in another economic system, that puts the needs of poor people and the planet first? We do too. And so do lots of individuals, communities and governments in the Global South.

Free trade, liberalisation and deregulation have done serious damage to many developing countries, perpetuating poverty, hunger and inequality. And yet rich parts of the world, including the EU, keep insisting that free trade is the only way to progress economically.

It’s now time for the EU to STOP and LISTEN to alternative proposals from governments and civil society in the Global South and to re-think EU trade policy.

The good news is that people, movements and governments across the Global South have alternative ideas that prioritise the needs of people and the planet, over corporate profits. The really good news is that some of these ideas and proposals are now in a new groundbreaking report and video from the Global South.

The Report

This seminal report, which has been published by Comhlámh, WEED, and AITEC, presents the views of 8 activists and thinkers from the Global South, from the Philippines to Colombia, Zimbabwe to India.

Each paper details a vision of an alternative European trade policy, based on principles of sustainability, democracy, flexibility, human rights, transparency and poverty eradication. Subjects include alternative approaches to issues in international trade such as access to water, agriculture, raw materials, and regional integration. 

What’s in the report?

It sets out some of the key issues and criticisms of current EU and global trade policy, summarises the reports and identifies key common principles that should underpin trade policies.

Regional Integration

Alternatives to the EU’s Economic Partnership Agreements in Southern Africa: Towards an Alternative Trade Mandate for EU policy by Timothy Kondo

Alternative trade policies from Latin America: A response to the EU’s free trade agenda by Enrique Daza


Agriculture, trade, food-sovereignty and agroecology: Proposals on alternatives to current EU trade policies by Henry Saragih and Mary Lou Malig


Land justice, land reform and access: Proposals for land justice for poor families with particular emphasis on Zambia by Joseph Mbinji

Raw Materials

Alternatives on Resource Trade and Access to Information in AfricaAlternatives on Resource Trade and Access to Information in Africa by Dr Claude Kabemba

Mining, People and Environment: The implications of the EU-India Free Trade Agreement by Chandra Bhushan and Sugandh Juneja

Transitions towards post-extractive societies in Latin America: An answer to the EU Raw Material Initiative Transitions towards post-extractive societies in Latin America by Carlos Aguilar

Water Justice

Water Justice and Democracy: Alternatives to Commercialisation and Privatisation of Water in Asia by Mary Ann Manahan, Buenaventura B. Dargantes, and Cheryl Batistel

If you would like to download the report please click here.

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