Be Prepared To Come Back

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It is good to consider coming home before you leave.

A few things to consider:

  •  Put away some money to keep you going when you are first home, enough for a deposit for a house or to meet up with friends over coffee, so that on the initial return home you are not without any money (financial security is one of the enabling factors to a healthy transition back home);
  • Take time out! When planning your overseas placement, put away a little time both before you go and when you come home, so that on return to Ireland you are not thrown back into the busyness of work, life, study, etc. This will give you time to arrive back more slowly and can make the reintegration easier. A good guide is for every year you have been overseas to take one month off on return.
  • Get involved! Making the decision to stay involved before going overseas often means you will be more likely to do so on return and actively channel the experiences you will have overseas into avenues from Ireland. Find out what options are available locally – courses, organisations, funding, activist or returned volunteer groups.
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