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Comhlámh is going back to its roots, and we want you to join us.


Well, depending on who you talk to, some say the era of the membership organisation is over. We’re not so sure about that. Take a look around you – people are active, from Occupy Wall St to the Middle East uprisings to the thousands that volunteer abroad from Ireland each year.

Back in 1975, we didn’t have any Facebook pages or Twitter revolutions. The methods have changed, but the actions are the same – people coming together to reshape the world in a manner that fits their vision Comhlámh (Irish for ‘solidarity’ and pronounced ‘co-law-ve’) has been educating and campaigning for global justice in solidarity with the Global South for nearly 40 years.

Back then, we could never have imagined the precipice we sit on now. From climate change to food sovereignty, trade justice and inequalities at home – the challenges are immense. The wealth of the 85 richest people is equal to that of the poorest 3.5bn

Our members challenge the root causes of injustice and inequality – globally and locally. We were there against apartheid in the 1980s and the centre of refugee solidarity in the 1990s. We were on the frontlines of debt cancellation and introducing fair trade products to Ireland.

But these breakthroughs only happen because people – like you – demand change and make justice matter.

At its best Comhlamh is a vehicle for that. We want to welcome lapsed members back into the fold and build a base of new ones.

In an era where advocacy work is officially frowned upon and funders are always asking “do we fund that?” it’s vital people get active again, take out paid memberships.

Remember, we don’t just want your money in the bank. We want you back in the room.

Comhlámh is organised around membership groups and action projects. The money that comes in from our membership drive and our solidarity circle scheme goes directly to maintaining the vital independence of the work our members do together.

What Are The Benefits of Membership?


  • All copies of Focus magazine sent directly to your door…
  • Exclusive Membership tshirt featuring design by Ballyfermot College of Further Education student Barry O’Neill. (only for those paying full rate) & badges…
  • Our Be The Change tool kit…
  • 50% discounts on our courses…
  • The opportunity to act for global solidarity and to support others in doing likewise…

Where does the money go?

Straight to supporting the work of our member groups such as the Options and Issues group, Focus Magazine, the Trade Justice Group and other similar activities.

Why Not Join Our Solidarity Circle?


Hundreds of brilliant and clever people have passed through Comhlámh over the years. We want to bring them back into the fold so that their experiences can become part of the institutional wisdom our newer members can tap into.

Membership groups have been at the core of Comhlámh’s work over its lifetime.  There are increasingly fewer membership based organisations in Ireland. Comhlámh is bucking that trend and actively making space for membership driven groups to come and form within Comhlámh and lead out on issues that are of concern to them.

Comhlámh’s new home is providing a space for people to drop-in and for groups to come together and form and link up with local development activist groups.  There are also re-emerging membership groups around the country and these all need supporting.

There has been a narrowing of space for civil society in Ireland, with donors less interested to fund those things that cannot be easily measured or that are openly critical of the status quo.

Will you join?  Our target is to recruit 100 Solidarity Members.

Comhlámh members at 35th Anniversary Development Forum 12 May 2010

Comhlámh is creating the space for returned volunteers and development workers to get involved and work to support members to grow as a community of engaged citizens who are developing peer-led, innovative ways to challenge unjust systems and structures that affect people in the Global South.

This work is not easily donor funded.  Comhlámh needs a network of Solidarity Members who can help to ensure that we have independent funding to carry out this key work with our member groups.

We’re asking those that can, to give a little more to support the work of our member groups. Take out a Solidarity Membership of either €10, €15 or €21 per month.  A donation of €21 per month (€252 per year) with tax reliefs is worth €362 to Comhlámh.


How To Join

You can join Comhlamh in the following ways:

  • By Direct Debit. Please fill in the Direct Debit form right here, complete your bank details and send it to: Comhlámh, 12 Parliament St, Dublin 2, Ireland.
  • You can now also set up direct debit using the GoCardless links below. Click here for 45e payments and here for 10e payments.
  • By using PayPal. Just insert the appropriate amount.
  • By Phone: ( have your credit card details to hand ) Please call + 353 1 4783490 stating you are paying for membership
  • By Cheque: Please post your cheque, draft or postal order, made payable to “Comhlámh” to Comhlámh, 12 Parliament St, Dublin 2, Ireland
  • By Bank Transfer: Please arrange to transfer the appropriate amount to Comhlámh Account Number: 80009753 Sort Code: 990610 Permanent TSB Grafton Street 70, Dublin 2.

Direct debit

Active Groups

People of all ages believe that getting involved with an organisation like Comhlamh is more important then ever in ‘modern Ireland’ and an increasingly troubled and unequal world.

Comhlamh has activist groups and initiatives made up of members in the areas of Trade Justice, the publishing of Focus Magazine and Options and Issues in Development and hope you will become actively involved on a regular basis or on an occasional basis. We really value input on all levels of commitment and we can’t do it without you.


Download this direct debit mandate…

Set Up Direct Debit Payments Online.

Remember to have your BIC and IBAN number to hand. Click here to find it. 







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