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‘What Next’ is a course for returnees who have lived and worked overseas in the capacity of learner, volunteer or development worker, and who are interested to continue engagement in development education from Ireland.

The 4-day course will engage participants in a critical process to explore development issues and skills to raise awareness and take action locally. An outcome of the course is that participants will have the opportunity to develop and deliver an Action Project either individually or as a group around a particular issue or idea.

To book or for any queries please fill in this form or contact Susan at and 01-478-3490.

The course will cost €60 per person, which covers all training materials, accommodation costs, meals and refreshments.

Download a promotional leaflet for the course.

What participants have said about the course:

“This was a very good weekend as it helped to talk through issues in a constructive way. I learnt from others. It got me to think of what I might do here in Ireland.”

“The course was very helpful in helping me to clarify certain thoughts I had about my experiences abroad. A number of the activities we did on the course helped to put things into perspective in terms of how I can use the experiences I have had in my life now that I am back home again.”

“That I can become involved in Ireland where ‘change making’ is concerned – that I have brought back valuable experiences and insights into my own country; that there is potential to share this and influence others.”


Pictured are participants from our What Next Course back in March 2013.

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