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Focus Magazine is Ireland’s leading magazine on global development issues. Since 1978, Focus has been making links between the situation in Ireland and in the South, with a view to challenging assumptions, and promoting understanding, interest in and action on development issues among a broad public. In particular, it aims to provide alternative views to those expressed in mainstream media.

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Focus is produced quarterly and distributed by a volunteer group to all Comhlámh members and recently returned development workers, as well as across the country in pubs, bookshops, universities, classrooms, community groups and other interesting spaces and places.

In 2014, Focus underwent a dramatic redesign, switching format from a brochure style magazine to an 8 page campaigns based newspaper. We are always open to your ideas.

You can become involved in any part of the cycle of production by:


  • Having ideas for issues we should pick up, angles we could look at, people (from South and North) we could interview or ask to write articles. Let us know your ideas and thoughts about the magazine!
  • Becoming part of the editorial group. Help to shape the newspaper, organise the production, write and edit articles.
  • Distributing Focus Magazines in your pub, class, community group, workplace and many other places all over Ireland. Let us know how many copies you could distribute and we will send them to you. It’s our volunteers all over the country who ensure we reach as many people as possible with our critical view on global development.
  • Sponsor the magazine with some ethical advertising. Focus has a readership of around 8,000. Copies are sent to Comhlámh members past and present, as well as to affiliate organisations,and distributed through our various activist networks. That’s a huge in tune audience you can tap into. Download our ad rates here.

Focus Magazine

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The Latest Edition:

You can read Focus Issue 102 online  or download as a pdf to read on your device offline by clicking here.


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