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Introducing #VolOps: Sharing Volunteering Options.

 Comhlámh wants to harness social media as a tool to match volunteers with sending agencies.

 We are encouraging sending agencies to append #VolOps to any posting on Twitter or Facebook about placements or events where volunteers can find out about them.

 Volunteers can follow this tag on both Twitter and Facebook as a means to stay abreast of deadlines and events where they may find a placement.

So remember, start using #VolOps and become a follower of the #VolOpsRobot to keep up to date on volunteering opportunities.


A Linked In Group For Sending Agencies and Volunteers.

Are you looking to volunteer abroad? Are you or a sending agency looking for suitable candidates? We’ve created a #VolOps networking group on Linked In so you can find the perfect match. Once up and running we’ll be posting information on upcoming placements into it.

How does it work for Volunteers?

If you want to volunteer but may feel overwhelmed by the huge number of causes, Linked In is a great tool to bring clarity and focus into your searching. Here’s a few tips on how it can work for you as a volunteer.

  • Find out what areas and sectors different agencies cover.

  • Use it to figure out what kind of organizations match your interests.

Linked in Group

Browse our directory of sending agencies.

Comhlámh has created a comprehensive list of sending agencies that you can browse by interest and category. Find information on over 100 organisations that arrange volunteer placements overseas. Before choosing a sending organisation ask yourself these questions.




Take a look at the latest postings on #VolOps.

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