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Comhlámh are involved in the European Union Aid Volunteers Initiative, EUAVI


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The EUAVI is a new project of the European Union which allows EU citizens to volunteer and contribute to providing humanitarian aid in the form of local capacity building, disaster risk reduction and recovery.

The aim of the initiative is to deploy 4000 EU citizens to work on humanitarian projects, provide 4400 non EU citizens with capacity building opportunities and provide opportunities for 10,000 online volunteers between 2015 and 2020.

EU Aid Volunteers For You – Consortium Meeting #1 Paris

EU Aid Volunteers For You – Security Training #1 Paris

There are many ways to become involved in the initiative; as a volunteer, a sending organisation or a hosting organisation. In order to participate in the initiative as a sending or hosting organisation it is required to become certified by the EACEA. More information on the certification process is available here. A detailed overview of the initiative and a timeline of implementation are available on the EACEA website.

You can read a position paper developed by Comhlámh for the mid-term evaluation of the EU Aid Volunteers Initiative here


Read Charlotte’s story here about the Volunteering in Humanitarian Aid (Volinha) Final Consortium Meeting – Paris, June 2017



Comhlámh’s discussion paper on volunteering in humanitarian contexts and the potential of the EU Aid Volunteers Initiative is available now!

Please find:

Volunteering Landscape and the EU Aid Volunteers Initiative spreadsheet

EV4U - Volunteering Landscape


Civic Service Volunteer Orientation Training Paris.


How Comhlámh Became Involved in the EUAVI:

In 2013, Comhlámh contributed to the standards and certification process of the EUAVI managed by DG ECHO. Arising from this work, Comhlámh is now part of two interlinked project consortiums with a range of European and Global South organisations from Africa, Asia and Latin America. The aim is for these organisations to build their own, and each others’ capacity and achieve certification for the European Union Aid Volunteer Initiative.

The first project consortium (Volunteering in Humanitarian Aid – Sending Organisations) is led by La Guilde (France) and involves partners from nine EU countries. It aims to improve Volunteer Sending organisations standards and procedures in volunteer management in order to achieve EUAVI certification. The project will work to share and build practices and create synergies between those specialized in humanitarian aid and those in volunteer management.

The second project consortium (Volunteering in Humanitarian Aid – Host Organisations) is led by France Volontaires and involves partners from three EU countries and partners including Caritas Ecuador, Red Cross – Burkina Faso, Burundi and the Philippines; Action Aid Bangladesh. The project will support all partners to achieve EUAVI certification while also building the capacity of global south partners to strengthen their local volunteer management processes in humanitarian work, with a focus on preparedness and rehabilitative responses.

Comhlámh, International Volunteering

CSV exchange visits Ireland

Áine Lynch is the project officer for Volunteering in Humanitarian Aid and she is working with both consortia to improve practice and to share ideas and challenges. As part of this project Comhlámh is hosting a civic service volunteer, Kate who is currently working with the other sending organsations across Europe to work towards certification.

If you have any questions regarding the initiative please email or



Training in Paris


European Volunteering 4 U (EV4U)

Comhlámh are involved in a new consortium as part of the EU Aid Volunteer Initiative. This new project, ‘European Volunteering for You’ (EV4U) will run from January 2017 until December 2018 and focus on improving sending and hosting organisations practices and procedures when dealing with volunteers in humanitarian work.

Comhlamh are again part of both the technical assistance and capacity building consortium that brings together best practices and learning from organisations working on volunteer management and organisations with experience in humanitarian settings. Our European partners include:  The European Guild- France, Suas- Ireland, Foundation of Cooperation and Faith (FEC) – Portugal and Solidarity, Overseas Service Malta (SOS), Action Aid Greece as well as the Hellenic Platform for Development- Greece and France Volontaires as associate partners. Our partners from the Global South include: Mano a Mano-Peru, The Togolese National Volunteering Agency and Action Aid- Myanmar. As well as enhancing organisational learning, the project will seek to bridge the gaps between organisations specialised in humanitarian aid and those specialised in volunteer management.

EV4U Partners

SO Technical Assistance Consortium

  • Applicant: The European Guild (France)
  • Partner: Comhlamh (Ireland)
  • Partner: FEC Foundation (Portugal)
  • Partner: Solidarity Overseas Malta (Malta)
  • Partner: Suas (Ireland)
  • Associate partner: Hellenic Platform for Development


HO – Capacity Building Consortium

  • Applicant: The European Guild (France)
  • Partner: Comhlamh (Ireland)
  • Partner: ActionAid Hellas (Greece)
  • Partner: ActionAid Myanmar (Myanmar)
  • Partner: Agence Nationale du Volontariat au Togo (Togo)
  • Partner: Mano a Mano (Peru)
  • Associate Partner: France Volontaires
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