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Find out more about Code signatories and our Code supporter network.

The Comhlámh CoGP for Volunteer Sending Agencies is a set of standards for organisations involved in facilitating international volunteer placements in the Global South. Right now there are 44 organisation committed to implementing good practice through the Code. The organisations are either a signatory, have core indicator status or comprehensive compliance status. This shows the different levels of complying with the standards of the Code

 Which organisations have signed up to Comhlámh's Code of Good Practice?

Action Lesotho Signatory

Agape Adventures Signatory

AIESEC Signatory

Chernobyl Children International Signatory

Christina Noble Children’s Foundation Signatory

Development Perspectives Signatory

Draiocht Signatory

EAPPI    Core

Edith Wilkins  Signatory

EIL Intercultural Learning Comprehensive

(Friends of Londiani) – Brighter Communities    Comprehensive

Friends of Africa  Signatory

Give Ireland  Core

Global Schoolroom  Comprehensive

Habitat For Humanity Ireland  Comprehensive

Habitat For Humanity Northern Ireland   Signatory

Haven    Signatory

HOPE Foundation  Comprehensive

Immunisation For Life  Signatory

Irish League of Credit Union Foundation  Signatory

Irish Rule of Law International Core

Lámha Suas Signatory

Maintain Hope Signatory

Mellon Educate  Signatory

Missionaries of the Sacred Heart Volunteer  Signatory

NUIG VSA  Signatory

Nurture Africa   Core

Operation Smile  Signatory

Pemba Signatory

SAVIO  Signatory

SERVE Comprehensive

Suas  Comprehensive

Tearfund Comprehensive

Surgeon Noonan  Signatory

UCDVO  Comprehensive

Umbrella Foundation  Comprehensive

Viatores Christi  Comprehensive

VIDES Signatory

VLM   Comprehensive

VMM Comprehensive

VSI   Signatory

VSO   Comprehensive

Zamda Signatory

The Supporter network is a network of many organisations that do not directly send volunteer but wish to promote good practice among their members, helping to protect volunteers, host communities and host organisations.

 Which organisations and groups are part of the Code Supporter Network?

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