Be The Change: A Toolkit for Taking Action Against Poverty and Injustice.

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If you want to take action from Ireland on the issues that cause poverty and injustice around the world, then this is the booklet for you! Maybe you’ve spent some time in a developing country, and it changed the way you see the world and inspired you to do more when you returned home, or maybe you’re someone who feels passionately about injustice and want to do something to challenge it.

Once you have worked out the issues you are interested in and passionate about, this resource is here to help you begin to take action. It includes practical advice, tips and stories of how others in Ireland have had a positive impact on the world by, for example, using the media, engaging with our political system, and campaigning. It also includes information on where to go to learn more and develop your skills and confidence further.

In Comhlámh we believe that a group of informed people acting together can make a difference. This has been at the heart of our work since we were founded by returned development workers in 1975. Thus, we want to support you to join the many individuals, groups and movements who find a myriad of ways to fight against unfair situations.

These include big and small things, individual and group actions. We hope that this resource will support you in figuring out how you can be part of making this world a more equitable and just place where the many matter more than the few. If you find that you still have questions after reading it (you probably will), please do get in touch with us. It doesn’t matter how much you know (or don’t know) about social justice issues and the causes of local and global poverty, you can still get involved.

If you feel that you do want to learn more, there are many training courses, events and resources you can use (listed throughout this resource and on the Comhlámh website). Often, the best way to learn more is by getting involved with groups working in advocacy and campaign work.

Download a copy of the Toolkit here.

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