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Developing psychosocial supports

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Dear Comhlámh friends and supporters.


Comhlámh would like to invite you to a conversation that we are having on the 5th of July at 6.30 pm in the Comhlámh offices

As the organisation for development workers and volunteers, we feel that we have a responsibility to offer our support to people working across Europe on refugee and migrant issues. Weare planning a project with the aim of developing psychosocial supports for people working with refugees and asylum seekers.

We are looking to harness the knowledge and experiences of people that have worked in this area. If you or anyone you know has worked in this context, we would love to invite you to a focus group exploring the supports we can offer to people in this work to prevent burn out and mental health issues.
If you’d like to attend, please rsvp to dervla@comhlamh.org

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