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Coalition 2030 calls for urgent action by Government on Sustainable Development

SDG's press release.
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Coalition 2030 calls for urgent action by Government on Sustainable Development.

Released 26th April 2018


Coalition 2030, an alliance of 100 civil society groups including Comhlámh, has welcomed the State’s plan to implement the Sustainable Development Goals (SGDs) into government policy by 2030.

The National Implementation Plan on the SDGs launched this afternoon by Minister Denis Naughten outlines the State’s plan to achieve the 17 goals through a whole of Government approach.

Recalling the leadership shown by the Irish Government at the international level in bringing into being Agenda 2030 for Sustainable Development, the Coalition has called on the Minister and the whole of government to act with urgency in delivering the implementation of the plan.

We welcome the Plan’s statement that the State will be ‘mainstreaming’ the SDGs across all of its policies to achieve this transformative agenda by the end of the next decade.

Achieving policy coherence can be challenging, so the State’s priority must be to break down Silo thinking and assign responsibility across and between Departments.

We believe that delivering on the SDGs should be an integral part of all budgets starting with Budget 2019 onwards and coupled with a National Investment Plan.

Coalition 2030 is calling for the immediate establishment of the Stakeholder Forum in order for meaningful public engagement to begin on the implementation of the agenda. This should be the first step in meaningful public participation.

This public participation is also key in policy making and hugely important in terms of ownership, understanding, and action on the SDGs.

Focusing solely on communications and awareness raising, which is what the final text of the Plan implies, will not achieve the desired aim of achieving genuine, lasting public immersion in the SDGs or the major changes needed to achieve the goals by 2030.

Michael Ewing, Coordinator of the Environmental Pillar, said:

“The National Implementation Plan is very welcome as far as it is driving an important re-alignment of current Government plans, policies and strategies with the SDGS, but there isn’t a clear sense of doing anything significantly different both in terms of the ways of working, as well as resourcing, to deliver the SDGS.

“We need to move from a compliance-based approach, focussing on business as usual, to a visionary approach that embraces a new and inclusive development pathway for Ireland.”

Olive Towey, Head of Advocacy, Concern, said:

“At the heart of Agenda 2030 is a commitment to “leaving no-one behind”, a commitment which Ireland championed during the negotiation at the UN. In the implementation of the plan this focus must continue to inform Ireland’s actions and ambitions”

Yvonne O’ Callaghan, SIPTU Trade Union, said:

“Ireland as one of the richest countries in the world has to do better and faster than most in meeting the targets set out within the Sustainable Development Goals.

“Ireland has the potential to be the best performer on every single goal, showing that it is possible to combine economic, social and environmental dimensions of sustainable development.”


The government’s national implementation plan for the SDGs can be found here https://www.dccae.gov.ie/en-ie/environment/topics/sustainable-development/sustainable-development-goals/Pages/National-Implementation-Plan-2018—2020.aspx


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