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Comhlámh Coming Home Weekend

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The next Comhlámh Coming Home Weekend will take place on Saturday 09 and Sunday 10 June 2018, at the Emmaus Centre in Swords.

You can book your place here

Volunteers and development workers, who have been on overseas placements for three months or more, are invited to attend the two day event in the relaxing setting of the Emmaus Centre, in Swords. The weekend is a chance to talk about the challenging and positive aspects of the overseas experience, with experienced facilitators, and other returned volunteer development workers from different organisations.

Time is given for reflection on the overseas experience, and for engaging in planning for future reengagement with development issues. Time is also set aside for informal discussion and for guided debate. The weekend residential course aims to assist people with the “coming home” aspect of their volunteering and development work experience, in a safe and relaxing environment.

To read about last year’s Coming Home Weekend, follow this link: https://www.comhlamh.org/2017/12/the-comhlamh-coming-home-weekend/

The price of the weekend is 100 euro for non-members, or 50 euro for members. Price includes overnight costs, and all meals and snacks.

For more information, contact ruth@comhlamh.org

Book your place here


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