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Erasmus+: Youth in Action training course

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An update on recent Erasmus+: Youth in Action training in Berlin from Dervla.  


Berliner Café discussions during the training


The “Step Into Strategic Partnerships” course, organised by the German National Agency for the Erasmus+ programme, recently took place in Berlin.   I was lucky enough to be selected as a participant for the 5-day course, which was supported by Leargas . Participants came from a variety EU member states and programme countries, and a wide range of backgrounds, all with a focus on improving quality youth work through partnerships with other countries.

Erasmus+: Youth in Action has enormous potential to support NGOs and civil society in the development of innovative programmes and activities.  Throughout the course, we focused on all aspects of developing strategic partnerships, including innovation, added value, sustainability, and communications.  Both lead trainers had experience as leads within their own strategic partnerships, and representatives from the German National Agency were on hand to provide technical assistance and expertise on specific project ideas.  A huge amount of learning also arose from peer conversations and informal mentoring, resulting in the formation of several innovative project ideas that will be developed over the coming months.

Trainer Gaby leads the group in reviewing learning outcomes

Comhlámh is currently considering a number of options for future strategic partnerships, with a focus on the role of volunteers in response to the refugee crisis within the EU.  The course was hugely beneficial in helping to focus on potential areas of intervention, and also to develop informal networks in countries where we haven’t had any partnerships to date.

For information on similar courses, keep an eye on the SALTO-Youth website and check out the Leargas site for details of funding opportunities, information events, and upcoming deadlines.


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