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WHAT NEXT? What happens between the ‘wake up call’ and the bit where people start doing things differently?

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Date: October  20th – 22nd  2017.

Location: Eolas Soileir, Wellington, Co Wexford






The course will cover the following:

– Opportunity to meet other returned volunteers in an inspirational space;

– Discussions on next steps and your potential role in the ‘bigger picture’ of change-making and wave-riding;

– Preparing for an Action Project – putting your experience and skills into practice for change-making at home.

What we hope you get out of it:

– Space for exchange and reflection on international volunteering and your role as a multiplier for global justice on returning to Ireland;

– Recognition for your participation in the course through the Global Citizen Award;

– Thematic skills training including project planning, media skills, ethical communications;

– Opportunity to practically put these skills into practice through an Action Project.


You are welcome to participate if:

– You have served as a volunteer in a global south country

– You are interested to be involved in promoting global justice

– You are willing to share with others from different backgrounds

-You are willing to carry out an action project as a result of participation in the course.



The places for the training are limited to 15.


Comhlámh members €30; Non-members €50, people seeking asylum or with refugee status/leave to remain €1.

All expenses for all accommodation and food will be covered for you.


'What Next' Training Course 2017

Sign up for What Next Course
  • Where did you volunteer overseas?
  • Which organisation did you volunteer with?
  • Briefly describe your voluntary experience
  • Why do you want to take part in this training?
  • How will you share the learning?



If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me: grainne@comhlamh.org

Looking forward to your application!
Gráinne and the Comhlámh team

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