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HUNGARY: Highly interested in the EUAV initiative!

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The Hungarian Volunteer Sending Foundation’s (HVSF) dissemination event:

VolinHa volunteer

The EUAV dissemination event at HVSF

“At the end of February we decided to organize our dissemination event in Budapest, to spread the word about the EU Aid Volunteers initiative among Hungarian people and organizations. We aimed to address people interested in volunteering opportunities as well as organizations interested in joining the initiative.

The EUAV initiative is still not very well known and might look a bit complex at a first glance. This kind of event is therefore an occasion to explain the different strands of the initiative and answer directly all the questions the people may have.

We put the program together in a way that participants receive all the information and also have the chance to get involved immediately: we brought the experience of our already existing volunteering programs and connected them to the new initiative.

We invited some of our ex-participants to talk about their volunteering experiences in African and Asian countries, to help participants imagine how it might feel to be a volunteer in such a program and how it might affect their future in a positive way.

This concept seemed very successful, we created a nice atmosphere based on discussing the different topics and questions regarding humanitarian aid, the situation of international volunteering in Hungary, the possible motivations to be a volunteer and the EUAV initiative and VolinHA project themselves.

Even if at that time we had not yet got certified as a Sending Organization, the participants were really interested and enthusiastic about the initiative and left with sparkling eyes and big plans. The day right after the event we received the letter with our certification number!

We believe it was a successful event. Since for the venue we chose a nice gallery on a very frequented street near the Danube river, we got the chance to extend the event for the whole month: a photo exhibition on our volunteers in previous projects in developing countries remained for the whole month, together with informational material on the EUAV initiative and the VolinHA project. This was an opportunity to talk with the people who came to visit the exhibition.

We are happy and proud to be the part of the EUAV initiative and the VolinHA project that gave us all the support necessary to be a certified sending organization and we are looking forward to the actual deployment of EU Aid Volunteers!”


Check out the VolinHA website




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