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“Desperately seeking stories”

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Once again, here in Comhlámh we are seeking your stories.

We are looking for stories, from recently returned volunteers and development workers for the Irish Aid website, for our VolOps magazine, for our blog and for our Spring Campaign, which we will be launching just before Easter.

International Volunteering Ireland

Why do we want these stories?

The ancient ritual of storytelling predates writing and humans have been engaging in it for quite some time now.  We like to hear stories because they comfort, inspire and annoy us.  They sometimes heal, teach, and excite us.

We love to tell them for similar reasons, so much so that most of us will turn a non-story into a story before your very eyes.  Try asking your colleague what they did for the weekend, and hear the story that ensues. Most people can’t help but describe the details of a moment, tell us exactly what the bus driver said, how they felt when standing in the rain, why the chocolate cake was so delicious.

We love hearing stories because they can be entertaining escapism or they might challenge the way we think.  We love telling stories for meaning and for memory.

A volunteer’s story will simply tell us more about the experience that a recruitment advertisement can ever do.  The volunteer might tell us about the smell of the noodles or the sensation of sleeping under a mosquito net for the very first time.  The volunteer will describe details that a project proposal can never do, and that a results-based-framework would have to shy away from.  The volunteer might tell us about letting their feet slip gently into the Mekong Delta one evening after an exhausting day, while the Project Evaluation will tell us that 78% of participants found the training “useful”.

We want to hear your stories, we want to share your stories and we want to collect your stories.  If you would like to send us your story please email ruth@comhlamh.org for more details and she will be happy to talk you through it.

Just start it, just begin.

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