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A Good Day in the Office

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Everyone here in Comhlámh was very excited and proud to read the praise of the Code of Good Practice in a Guardian article yesterday. The article discusses the concerns about the growth in voluntourism and the impact this is having on local host communities. The Guardian note, in relation to developing a set of guidelines for the industry that ‘The highest-regarded set of guidelines, though, is the Code of Good Practice for Volunteer-Sending Organisations (CoGP) developed by Comhlamh, an Irish organisation’.

We would like to thank all those who have contributed to and supported the development of the COGP over the last ten years. We would also like to especially thank all the signatory organisations who have committed to the principles and vision of the Code, and who work tirelessly to reflect on and improve their own practice in order organise responsible, responsive volunteering programmes.

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  1. we are not an Irish volunteer organisation – or we would sign up to your code yesterday – serious respect to all involved with these robust guidelines – which are made even more robust by the excellent narrative attached which enable and encourage better practise – which is what we so desperately need in this “market”.beset by bad practise So even tho we cannot be members – we use your code to inform our work….thankyiou

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