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Cork Swapped Til It Dropped Again!

Swa til you Drop again!
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Evelyn Power, Global Citizen Award coordinator with EIL Intercultural Learning writes about the frenzy of fabric and colour that took place on Wednesday 16th September when the second madly successful Swap Til You Drop event took place in Cork.

Were you one of the hundreds of savvy shoppers that filtered through the doors Camden Palace Cork with your reusable shopping tote in toe ready to welcome that cream angora sweater into your autumn/winter 15’ wardrobe?
Did you say sainara and send your once loved garments off on a journey to a new forever home? Were you one of the conscious consumers who helped save almost 300kg from landfill?

Did you find that designer gem or that quirky pair of boots and in doing so help raise funds towards printing a Learning Journal for volunteers who will travel to different countries in the global south, as a tool for their reflection and learning about development issues (find out more about the journal here.) After the dust had settled on the flurry of swapping did you leave your left over clothes to be given to charity shops in Cork and Dublin?

Thank you from the Comhlámh Volunteering and Development Education group – a group of organisations that send volunteers overseas and who are particularly interested in development education (EIL Intercultural Learning/ the Global Citizen Award, Friends of Londiani, Nurture Africa, SERVE, UCDVO). Thank you for being one of the many that turned up and through a love of fashion made a difference.

How? By swapping your once loved garments and being part of something much bigger, inspiring you to go on and think more critically about where your clothes have come from…who made your clothes…how were they made? Thank you for swapping, dropping and leaving Camden Palace with bulging bags full!

Missed out or want to find out more? Check out the infographic we have made to capture the event – as well as some facts about why we feel that recycling clothes is important.

We will continue to share statistics about the garment industry on the facebook page. And if anyone has any photos – do please share!

We will hopefully organise another Swap til you drop … again (again!) one in the new year, so watch this space!


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