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Veronica Sapalo Is The Latest Person Funded By The Dympna Meaney Fund!

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Veronica Sapalo is the Executive Director of ‘The Platform for Women in Action’ which is a network of women’s organisations in Angola.

Veronica has been funded by the Dympna Meaney Women’s Leadership Development Fund to travel to and attend the Summer School on Transitional Justice, 2015

The summer school is hosted by Ulster University from 22 June – 26 June.

According to Veronica:

“I hope that participation in this course will build my knowledge and capacity in the fields of International Law and conflict related violence against women, including knowledge on investigations and reparations, as we face many challenges in these areas is post war Angola. I also hope to communicate and share perspectives on the Angolan experience during and after the civil war, in particular regarding transitional justice and violence against women. I want to understand how our experiences cross with other countries’ experiences and how they feed into current thinking. Platform for Women in Action and myself have been much involved in these issues for the past years and we’ve been a major player, for example, in the discussion and approval of the law on domestic violence in our country.”

Read more about our fund here.


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