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Read About The First People To Benefit From Our Dympna Meaney Fund.

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This is Jacklina Longer.  She is the Programme Manager Assistant for the REFLECT Programme in GOAL South Sudan, Twic County.  Comhlámh is very proud to announce that Jacklina is the first person to benefit from the Dympna Meaney Women’s Leadership Development Fund.

Jacklina has been funded by the Dympna Meaney Women’s Leadership Development Fund to undertake a two week study visit to GOAL Uganda to see first hand the income generating and livelihoods work that GOAL Uganda are doing with young women.

According to Jacklina:

“I work with young women every day who face challenges to participating in their communities due to lack of resources and skills. I intend to travel to many sites in remote northern Uganda where GOAL Uganda is working with young women in understanding their needs through participatory approaches and then developing strategies to meet their needs. GOAL Uganda is the leader in GOAL in developing Village Savings and Loans groups which save a little bit each week and then provide loans to their members to invest in income generation. It is important that young women have access to these loans to ensure they can set up a business and manage it well and take care of themselves and contribute to their local community. I want to bring these skills back to the many groups I work with.”


Jenna Lee Strugnell has a background in psychology and is a community worker currently working to develop Narrative Therapy with young people, including those who live and work on the street, and orphans living in children’s homes.  Her focus is on Gender Related Violence using a Narrative Therapy approach.  Jenna has been funded by the Dympna Meaney Women’s Leadership Development Fund to participate in a mentor programme with a global expert in narrative therapy and to attend two training workshops in South Africa this year to build her skills.

Jenna says:

“I will use the knowledge from the skills building opportunity to implement community projects locally in South Africa and if I get the opportunity, on a global scale. I feel that Gender Related Violence is a pertinent issue internationally and particularly in South Africa as our country has a high rate of rape.  I feel that Narrative Therapy is a culturally appropriate approach in Africa as it makes use of storytelling to promote healing. Yvonne Sliep is a world renowned Narrative Therapist who has carried out Narrative Therapy community projects on a local and global scale. I plan to use the skills that I learn to continue my community work so that I can promote healing in South Africa and contribute to the reduction of Gender Related Violence.”


If you wish to donate to the scheme, you can do so here.  We’ll be announcing the two other beneficiaries next week!


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