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They Swapped Til They Dropped.

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The Volunteering and Development Education committee organised a ‘Swap til you Drop’ event in Cork last month, in order to swap clothes, share messages of sustainability and to raise funds for a Learning Journal for volunteers.

The event saw 100 people from Cork attend, armed with bags of clothes and congregating around hangers tagged with quotes and info about the clothing industry.

Siobhán Hughes (SERVE), who coordinated the event, said:

“We have done something really special together. Swap til you drop diverted 154.1kg (or 340 pounds!!) of clothing from going to the landfill. This is an absolutely fantastic achievement by everyone involved! Diverting clothing from landfill is very important. Decomposing clothing releases methane, a harmful greenhouse gas and a significant contributor to global warming. There are dyes and chemicals in fabric and other components of clothing and shoes that can leach into the soil, contaminating both surface and groundwater.”

“This is not to mention the amount of space. Eleven million tons of textiles clogs up approximately 126 million cubic yards of landfill space – and that’s just one year’s worth of discards! Most of this material is completely reusable or recyclable, but only if it is pro actively collected.”

Everyone who attended and swapped was part of something much bigger, hopefully inspiring them to go on and think more critically about where clothes have come from…who made your clothes…how were they made?

Camden Palace was the perfect space for the event – crafty, creative and large enough to host all the clothes and swappers who came along.

Watch this space, as there is talk of another of these events happening again soon.

Take a look at photographer David Nolan’s photos from the night here.

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