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#FirstWeds: The Revolution Will Not Be Funded.

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Pictured: Brian Harvey, Rita Fagan and Hans Zomer.

What have decades of professionalisation meant for the capacity of the not-for-profit sector to effectively challenge the political agenda? Has the pressure of threats to funding led to a shying away from engaging with grassroots activism? What impact does a distancing from the political process have on our ability to effect radical change?

These were the questions we looked at for our last debate back in April.

As a membership-based NGO, Comhlámh wants to open a space to discuss these questions. We want to critically reflect on our role in challenging an austerity agenda that’s responsible for the cutbacks facing our organisations as well as others in the community sector.

With that in mind, we invited along an array of speakers from the community and NGO sector to look at these questions and more.

Among the speaker was Brian Harvey an independent social researcher, Hans Zomer, the Director of Dóchas, Rita Fagan, the director of the Family Resource Centre, Women’s Community Development Project. Our moderator on the night was Eilish Dillon. Eilish works as the Co-ordinator of Education and Training Programmes at Kimmage DSC.

Take a listen back.

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