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When You Know You Are In The Right Place.

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Pictured: Aoife WIlson shares a story down at our second story telling session.

Sarah Murphy, a volunteer with our Trade Justice group has this report from the last Tell It On A Tuesday gathering.

Last Tuesday evening, fellow friends of Comhlámh and myself had gathered for ‘Tell it on a Tuesday’, an evening of storytelling based around the title “And Then I Knew I Was in the Right Place”. As I settled into a sofa in front of the turf fire upstairs in Arthur’s Pub, Thomas Street with a pint of the house speciality,

I couldn’t think of a more appropriate theme. The microphone and stage, set up for the evening, were abandoned for a sofa circle around the fire as Elaine got the ball rolling with an anecdote about stargazing with friends under the Ghanaian sky.

Over the next few hours, as more and more of us found our confidence and our voice, the group was transported from the chaos of children’s homes across India to a taxi cab in Ghana, from knee deep in a Zambian rubbish dump to a grannies’ beauty contest.

Each of us shared our experiences, either to the group at large or, in the best Comhlámh fashion, when we broke off into smaller discussion groups. By the time the formal session came to a close, we were all still bursting with anecdotes of homes away from home and of new friends acquired in the most unlikely ways.

Comhlámh seems to have a knack of finding common lines of interest amongst diverse groups of people and this evening was a case in point as we continued sharing our experiences from overseas long after the event had come to a formal close.

If there is one lesson to be learned from ‘Tell it on a Tuesday’, it is that regardless of how many new channels Sky are offering, our seanchaí ancestors had the entertainment business sussed.


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