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Focus 95 Is Out! Want Some To Distribute?

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Focus Magazine is Ireland’s leading magazine on global development issues and is produced by a Comhlámh members group.

The cover article on BDS reflects the interest in the membership to work on issues to do with the conflict in Israel/OPT; the side panel article picks up on the energy of the Trade group who are speaking on public platforms, writing letters to the papers, updating websites and attending networking meetings in Brussels.

The article on Direct Provision picks up on the energy of members working with those in direct provision. The articles from members in the Global South picks up on the energy and spirit of those working for justice and continue to inform our engagement with actors here in Ireland whether on Ebola, gender rights or issues of natural resource extraction.

Focus is open to your involvement and shaping. Right now we are seeking out articles for our next issue. Why not browse through our back issues and see if you want to contribute.

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