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Re-capping Culture Night 2014 At Comhlámh.

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Pictured by Brian McCarthy: The voices of Resistance Choir performing in the Marius Schoon room and some details from the night.

It rained. It even poured. Despite best efforts, who in their right mind was going to come out on a night like this? However, we were cosy inside 12 Parliament Street so it was easy to be oblivious to the mad weather outside. Grainne O’Neill recaps Culture Night.

Culture night. The whole city was alive, the creaks and cracks of Dublin were opened up for one night only… and the Comhlámh office was no exception. Perched right in the heart of Temple Bar, the sounds of Resistance could be heard escaping through the tall building.

As the evening settled into itself, the crowd gathered to hear the first choir, the ‘Resistance choir’, a group of seven passionate women that brought life and music to current and historic issues of social justice. After a while we were all singing along, songs we knew and songs we didn’t. What is it about music that makes us feel part of a bigger collective, even for a brief second?

Then… reshuffle… downstairs, tea, bickies, chatter in the hallway and then on to…. a completely different mood altogether as the space opened up for capacitar. Capacitar, a practice connecting mind body soul, was the perfect potion for this group, a group tirelessly committed to social justice issues, as through this session on the night we shared movement, meditation and practiced some simple tai chi exercises. Very relaxing, and continually keeping in mind the self care we all need to activate as activists.

Finally…. More tea coffee bickies chatter…. The awful traffic temporarily holding up our third act for the evening. However it was no matter, as when they arrived they brought an overly generous amount of energy and fire to the building, setting it alight with Roma songs and sounds in a most engaging way. Brilliant.
Culture night. We opened up our place for the evening, and in spite of the unsettled weather outside we moved sang and celebrated the space brought alive by the people who were in it.


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