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Training for Facilitators.

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What do you get when you cross a ball of string, 11 passionate people working with volunteers and a few post its? The Comhlámh Coming Home training of facilitators. Grainne O’Neill has this report from last week’s workshop.

This week the 2-day training of facilitators for Coming Home training took place in the Comhlámh offices. Representatives from a range of volunteer sending agencies brought their prior experiences, shared knowledge and a strong dose of enthusiasm. Art, drama, music and other participative methodologies were negotiated and explored by those present, and from this new things even emerged.

What makes a good facilitator? What supports do returned volunteers have? How do we take care of ourselves as well as those we work with? What are the ‘big’ questions in development? With a comfortable space, willing participants and some nice sandwiches at lunch (where some more excellent conversations took place!) these and many more questions were teased out.

Gratitude for the expertise of Carmel Mulrine for her wisdom and playfulness over the two days, and massive recognition to all who participated who brought an enormous wealth of experience and skills. There is a lot of good work already going on, and this training was an opportunity to validate that, as well as enhance it through shared knowledge and emerging new ideas.


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