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HSE Announcement Around Ebola.

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The HSE asks you to ensure that humanitarian aid workers and healthcare workers returning from working to contain the outbreak (whether in a health care facility or other capacity) are referred to their local Department of Public Health on their return.

This includes those who had direct contact with Ebola patients or Ebola infected materials (specimens, healthcare risk waste & human remains).

Other healthcare workers and aid workers who had no close contact with Ebola patients or articles potentially contaminated by them do not need to make contact with Public Health. It is best practice to have policies and procedures in place to debrief all personnel on their

return to Ireland and inform them of the need to be referred to public health if they had contact with Ebola. The attached information leaflet is recommended for distribution to all returnees from the Ebola affected countries. They should be asked to read this carefully and to contact their local Department of Public Health if they have concerns.

Additionally, the HSE would like to know the numbers of Irish people working in Ebola affected areas. How many Irish people are currently working with your organisation in activities to contain the Ebola outbreak in affected countries? Please send this information to: david.weakliam@hse.ie

Above is a 1976 photograph of two nurses standing in front of Mayinga N., a person with Ebola virus disease; she died only a few days later due to severe internal hemorrhaging. Source: Wikimedia.


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