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We’ve Reorganised The Reference Library In The Marius Schoon Members’ Room.

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Fulya Ozkul, who has experience in large books shops in Canada and Belgium, guided the re-organisation of our library.

Work began in April 2014 in the new Marius Schoon Members Room to organise and begin to archive almost thirty nine years of Comhlamh’s many resources and publications in advance of the May 1st Open House night. Siobhan O’Brien Green reports on the progress to date.

This work has taken on an added dimension with the exciting upcoming 40th anniversary of Comhlámh in 2015. Collating copies of Comhlámh’s periodicals and books and ensuring that they will be available to researchers and those interested in development and volunteering issues in the future has become a key part of the work of Comhlamh’s Research and Policy Officer, Sioban O’Brien Green. Establishing both an off-site safe and secure archive and a comprehensive on-site archive of Comhlámh publications, resources and books are very important to preserve the work of Comhlámh.
Mark Tynan, Assistant Librarian in UCD James Joyce Library has been instrumental in assisting with cataloguing copies of Comhlámh publications dating back to the 1970s and placing them in the UCD Development Studies Collection. This will ensure that students and staff have access to decades of Comhlámh’s resources. With the free access card provided by UCD Library to any member of the development community or public they can also visit and utilise the UCD Development Studies Collection.

Mark has advised Comhlámh on the legal deposit requirements for libraries in Ireland and will continue to liaise with Siobán and the wider overseas volunteering and development community to build the UCD Development Studies Collection and to highlight the facilities available in the UCD Library. Copies of Comhlámh’s back issues of periodicals and other publications were deposited into the National Library of Ireland (NLI). Justin Furlong in the NLI Printed Collections was happy to assist in this process and update the online NLI catalogue so that Comhlámh publications dating to 1978 are now available to all NLI users.

The reference library in the Member’s Room in Comhlámh’s offices has also been organised with new sections for books and resources Member’s Room are clearly labelled. An archive of Comhlámh publications has created which is also located in the Member’s Room. Intensive work took place in the past few weeks to organise the collections and the Room. This happened under the guidance of volunteer Fulya Ozkul, who has experience in large books shops in Canada and Belgium and was able to rapidly sort and categorise the many books in Comhlámh’s Member’s Room.

View more information on the UCD Development Studies Collection and how to access it.


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