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Amy Anderson Talks About What Comhlámh Means To Her.

Amy (left) in  Eastern Samar in the Philippines,  with Megan McGlinchy, from CRS and Maurice, then head of Trocaire humanitarian unit.
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Amy Anderson, Comhlámh member, talks about Comhlámh and the role it has played in her life to date, and why she has joined our solidarity circle

Comhlámh has played a formative role in the last few years of my life.  The organisation has held my hand and inspired me on the road to activism, critical thinking on international relations and a new career and vocation in Emergency Response and Recovery.

These last few months I’ve travelled all over the world, from the Philippines to Lebanon, to Sudan and Serbia. I’m working with people who are encountering some of the most difficult times of their lives, yet still striving to recover and surmount extreme challenges to their survival and safety.

When I first joined Comhlámh in 2010, I was whiling away my hours in a banking job that was destroying my sense of self, and I desperately needed a way out.  In joining and engaging with Comhlámh, I found an organisation that represented my own moral code, that challenged me to think more critically about everyday issues, and gave me an outlet for beginning to understand and respond to the injustices we encounter, and are responsible for globally, every day.

Recently I stepped down from a two-year stint on the Board of Directors of Comhlámh.  It’s been two years of challenges, successes and hard work, accompanied by no small measure of laughs, kindred spirits and solidarity.  Although I’m working in a different field now, supporting emergency needs, I recognise that real change is achieved at a different level.

That’s why I’m a committed giver in Comhlámh’s Solidarity Circle.  Addressing systemic injustice is where Comhlámh excels, and I want to support them in this imperative advocacy work, so the impact of future disasters is not exacerbated and supported by unjust systems, driven by the greed of our very own country and continent.

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