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Justin Kilcullen Goes For The Senate.

Justin Kilcullen took us down memory lane...
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Many years before he was the head of Trocaire, Justin Kilcullen spent two years working in Tanzania. When he came home, none of his friends could relate to his life changing experience.

In this video he told us how:

Comhlamh was somewhere I could meet like-minded people who had similar experiences and together that we could begin to do something to help continue the work we had started as volunteers in terms of continuing the struggle for global justice at home here in Ireland. Through the ongoing work of the many many working groups and campaigns and projects over the years Comhlamh has been very instrumental in creating in Ireland today a climate amongst the general public that no matter how big the difficulties we face we should continue to act in justice in developing countries largely through our aid programme and that it should be funded appropriately and according to our commitments.

Give it a watch. And if you are interested in joining click here.

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