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Focus94 Just Landed Back From Print.

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That’s right, Ireland’s leading magazine on development issues with a local twist has landed back from print. All 5,000 copies of the thing.

Ran  by one of our member groups, Focus is open to your involvement and shaping. Right now we need a hand distributing the thing nationwide.

Included are the following articles;

  • What The Frack Is That? Rory Fogarty takes a look at the controversial extraction process that meets protest the world over…
  • Racism in D15 and Beyond. Freda Hughes reflects on a radio documentary she made looking at silence around racist attacks…
  • Coffee Culture Pioneers. Inese Japina looks back at the early days of fair trade coffee importation…
  • The Not So Beautiful Game. Thaís Mantovani strips back the spectacle and asks what the World Cup means for Brazilian society.

If you can’t wait til you get a copy in your hand, then you can whet your appetite by browsing through our back issues here.

Drop us a line and we’ll send out a bundle to you for distribution.

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