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Adrienne Boyle Talks About Refugee Solidarity.

As part of our membership  videos Adrienne Boyle told us of her refugee solidarity work.
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Coming back from working in Africa in the 1990’s, Adrienne Boyle was horrified by the way refugees were being greeted in Ireland.

They met with media hysteria, fear and racism. So, rather than just sit on the margins, she and other Comhlamh members got stuck into refugee solidarity work.

In this video she describes how:

What was wonderful about Comhlámh was that there was a whole group of Irish and non-Irish people, and we set up what was called the refugee solidarity group at that time and ran training programmes and tried to find out what was going on in different parts to African people who had come here.


Comhlamh certainly for me was one of the organisations that was a catalyst in making change in people’s lives both in terms of returned development workers, and particularly African people living here in Ireland.


I have great empathy to Comhlamh, and would really say people if you want to continue that work, join Comhlámh as a member, become active in some of its members groups. It has been an amazing organisation.


Give it a watch. And if you are interested in joining click here.


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