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Sharing European Experiences of Global Learning.

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Last week Colm Ashes travelled to Prague to take part in a “Young Europeans for Global Development” conference. The conference was part of a Europe Aid Global Education project of which Comhlámh is an associate partner.

The main aim of the conference was to share best practices that are being implemented by the various European NGOs present in relation to the field of Global Education.

It was great to learn about the many different experiences and practices that are being carried out across Europe. The group discussed various challenges that each individual organisations faces in their daily activities. We then had a long brainstorming session, in which representatives from all the NGO’s shared ideas of how to overcome some of different challenges they are encountering.

It was a privilege to participate in a group made up of representatives from such a diverse range of organisations, and the synergy from all the different experiences lead to some really interesting solutions and results being put forward.
There was also a great deal of planning, with another conference and a youth study camp taking place in the coming months and it was really exciting to be part of this planning process. Conferences greatly aid the development and evolution of the field of global learning at a European level and Comhlámh looks forward to contributing more to this development in the future.


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