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It’s Mid Season In Our Dev Ed Course.

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Caption: Comhlámh’s Training and Education Project Officer Roisin delivering the Skills in DevEd course

Comhlámh’s Skills in Development course is now just over half way, as the fifth session concluded last Thursday.

This ten week evening course aims to equip participants with the skills and methodologies to work effectively with groups on global development and social justice issue in a friendly, informal group environment. The focus within the groups is on learning participatory methodologies to use while working on development issues with groups.

The group itself is composed of people from very diverse backgrounds. We have people from 6 different countries and many different professions, which adds a great dynamic to the group. What is common is a desire to gain skills and confidence in facilitating development education.  Through many different group activities the group have gotten to know each other well which creates a convivial learning environment within the class. For example, we learned how to use the forum theatre to explore problems and their solutions. We split into two groups, each acting out a scene without speaking which represented a particular problem followed by a scene which represented a possible solution. The other team had to guess what was being acted out, and discuss the topic afterwards.

With 5 weeks down there is already obvious improvement in the class’ abilities to use different methodologies to deliver their lessons, and there is a collective anticipation of the further 5 weeks learning that lie ahead.



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