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Why Not Contribute To Our Next Coming Home Book?

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Are you a returnee? Or have you participated in a Comhlámh course or availed or our services? If so, we would like to feature you in the next update of the Coming Home Book.

The Coming Home Book is our resource for all returnees to support them with the process of settling back into life in Ireland. The book covers everything from reverse culture shock to job hunting and tips for getting involved in global justice work back in Ireland. You can see the old version here. Although, you should expect the new version to be significantly updated!

We are looking to feature the voices of fellow returned volunteers and development workers throughout the book. We are looking, in particular, for quotations from past course participants (e.g. what next, trade justice, skills in dev ed course, Coming Home Weekend etc.) on what they took away from the course. We are also looking for anyone who would be willing to share their insight on reverse culture shock or insights into their experiences of returning home. Perhaps you returning home from volunteering inspired you to take up further study or to seek work in the development sector or to get involved in a community initiative in Ireland? If so please do share your experiences – the more voices the better!

Just a couple of sentences is all that’s required but if you would like to share more then please let me know and we will seek to include you. Contact Janet janet@comhlamh.org / 01-4783490 for more information.

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